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I am Helmi Khamis

Certified Graphic Designer and Web Developer
based in heart of Kansas City, Missouri

I am certified Graphic Designer interested in creative world I am always driven to inspire and create most user friendly designs and products.

I have very flexible and fast fitting personality and good in handling my clients and always open to new developments in the industry.

I graduated from MCC Penn Velly Kansas City, MO in May 2022 and I finished my internship as a production assistant for Professional Signs print making. I am also freelancing and investing my time to work closely with my clients.

I am also bilingual I speak English and Arabic     
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Logo design


Branding and Packaging


Print Making


Web Design

Let's talk about your next project I always give my clients free 15 minutes to discuss about their initial project, feel free to reach out

  • Category: Business
  • Service Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Address: Kansas City, MO, United States (Map)
  • Price:Free

  • Kansas City, Missouri, United States